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The ``AHA`` Moment is Where it All Began

One to One Plus began in what we like to call a “meant to be meeting.” Two former coworkers found themselves in the same conference room at a local school district. One of them, a K-12 technology director, shared the challenges he and his team were facing.   They were struggling to track more technology devices than ever. They were trying to determine the best way to deploy a 1:1 program for their students. Plus, they had to manage an ever-increasing number of work orders.  


They were trying to accomplish all this using a library system to assign devices, another work order system and a ton of paperwork.  It simply wasn’t efficient or productive.  


Then the “aha” moment happened. What if they combined their knowledge to build a single software solution that would meet the specific needs of K-12 technology departments?  


So, we set out to develop an integrated, easy-to-use system to simplify and integrate technology management processes. Guided by input from technology administrators, technicians and media specialists, we built a system that is spot-on in meeting the needs of K-12. 

Track Your School’s Devices and Help Tickets in One Integrated System

School technology directors are frustrated trying to manage the volume of K-12 tech devices and help tickets with spreadsheets and piecemeal programs. Our integrated system gives directors everything they need in one place so they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.
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Built to Streamline Your Team's Tasks in One Simple System

At One to One Plus, we know you want to be organized and on top of your school’s vast amount of technology. You need a simple way to manage and monitor all the devices and help tickets.

In this video, our founder Burt Lancaster and a few of our clients explain the value of having an integrated system to track assets and manage help tickets — in one place.


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Say Goodbye to Piecemeal Systems

Be more productive and organized with an integrated asset management and help desk system.

Be More Productive and Efficient With a Single Solution

Stop wasting time bouncing from system to system. Instead, track, manage and organize your school’s assets and help tickets in one simple software.
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Manage Your School's Technology in One Integrated System


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